Asia Nelson

Yoga Instructor, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Founder of Pranalife Yoga.

80% vegan, whiskey drinker, nomad, avid Bruce Lee fan.

Asia Nelson

Asia Nelson Pranalife Yoga

Director of Pranalife Yoga and Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training. Occasional PhD student of Gastronomy & Food Media (Waterloo) and Culinary Arts student at George Brown (Toronto), when I can tear myself away from Pranalife - my true love. Formerly the host of My Global Adventure (Alliance Atlantis) where they paid me to travel to 26 countries over nine months as long as I’d try anything, including prairie oysters (no, really). Whiskey drinker, nomad, 80% vegan, insatiable reader, Bruce Lee fan.

About this Blog

This blog is an aggregate of what I love and do these days. It’s by the Asia who loves being a flaneur in big city streets, still enjoys every yoga class like it was my first, and still takes way too long to savour food (my mom used to have to set a timer for me to finish meals, or be grounded). I hope what you find here resonates with you. If so, feel free to connect with me -

Twitter: @AsiaRaeN & @pranalifeyoga

Facebook: /asianelson & /pranalifeyoga


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